$37,Sport,Monitor,Smart,H8,lamarronclasista.org.ar,Wat,Heart,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Watch,Blood,/kudize1326246.html,AOCKS,Rate,Pressure $37 AOCKS H8 Smart Watch Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor Sport Wat Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $37 AOCKS H8 Smart Watch Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor Sport Wat Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $37,Sport,Monitor,Smart,H8,lamarronclasista.org.ar,Wat,Heart,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Watch,Blood,/kudize1326246.html,AOCKS,Rate,Pressure AOCKS H8 Smart Watch Blood Pressure Wat Sport Monitor Discount mail order Heart Rate AOCKS H8 Smart Watch Blood Pressure Wat Sport Monitor Discount mail order Heart Rate

AOCKS H8 Smart Watch Blood Pressure Superior Wat Sport Monitor Discount mail order Heart Rate

AOCKS H8 Smart Watch Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor Sport Wat


AOCKS H8 Smart Watch Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor Sport Wat

Product description

Package includes:
1 x H8 Smartwatch
1 x Charger Pad
1 x User Manual
The waterproof rating of IP67 is: a short-term immersion waterproof function in a water depth of 1M within a short period of half an hour at room temperature and pressure.
Normal rain and hand washing can provide good protection. (The shower temperature is high, which will cause the waterproof rubber ring to expand and contract. If you swim in the water for a long time, it will cause water vapor to enter the motherboard and damage the parts. Therefore, it is not recommended to shower and swim when wearing the bracelet.)
In a wet state, wipe the position of the charging port first and do not charge it immediately. This will easily burn the motherboard inside the watch.
H8 Waterproof Activity Tracker Watch with Pedometer, Call Reminder, Heart
Rate Monitor, Smart Bracelet Calorie Counter Fitness Band, Phone
Finder Sports Watch for Women
New Women's Smart Watch:
8 sport modes(Running, Swimming, Riding, Climbing, Basketball, Football,
Walking, Badminton), satisfy your daily different exercise tracking;
Pedometer, all day record steps / calories / distance
Sports Activity Tracker
Fitness tracker will track steps, calories, mileages when you are running,
climbing, cycling and swimming etc.
Sleep Monitor
Smart health bracelet will accurately track your sleep duration at night,
helping you adjust yourself for a healthier lifestyle
Call Alert: The tracker vibrates and call is displayed on screen when there is an incoming call.
Sedentary Alert: Set reminders for periods of time of inactivity.
Alarm Alert: Set silent alarms on the tracker to wake you up and not disturb your partner.
Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker Watch with Pedometer, Call and Message
Reminder, Heart Rate Monitor, Calorie Counter, Anti-Lost, Smart Bracelet
Fitness Band Watch for Woman and Sport Lovers

AOCKS H8 Smart Watch Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor Sport Wat

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