$75 FZIZUO 7.9in Nakiri Chef Knife,Handmade Damascus Steel Blade Ebo Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Discount is also underway FZIZUO 7.9in Nakiri Chef Knife Handmade Damascus Blade Steel Ebo $75 FZIZUO 7.9in Nakiri Chef Knife,Handmade Damascus Steel Blade Ebo Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Discount is also underway FZIZUO 7.9in Nakiri Chef Knife Handmade Damascus Blade Steel Ebo lamarronclasista.org.ar,/kisra1008131.html,7.9in,Ebo,Damascus,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Nakiri,Steel,FZIZUO,Blade,Knife,Handmade,Chef,$75 lamarronclasista.org.ar,/kisra1008131.html,7.9in,Ebo,Damascus,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Nakiri,Steel,FZIZUO,Blade,Knife,Handmade,Chef,$75

Discount is also Columbus Mall underway FZIZUO 7.9in Nakiri Chef Knife Handmade Damascus Blade Steel Ebo

FZIZUO 7.9in Nakiri Chef Knife,Handmade Damascus Steel Blade Ebo


FZIZUO 7.9in Nakiri Chef Knife,Handmade Damascus Steel Blade Ebo

Product description

Product Name:Japanese Handmade Damascus Steel Kitchen Nakiri Knife

Blade Material: Hand forged Damascus steel

Handle Material: Ebony+Stabilized Wood+Desert Ironwood

Sheath Material: Handmade vegetable tanning leather

Size of Knife: Overall Length12.9in, blade length 7.9in, blade wideness 2.4in,blade thickness 0.08in,N.W.8oz.

Product Contains:

1.a chef knife

2.a leather sheath

3.a gift box

4.a product certificate

FZIZUO 7.9in Nakiri Chef Knife,Handmade Damascus Steel Blade Ebo

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