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Men's Corduroy Casual Slim Fit Blazer 2 Button Daily San Jose Mall Notch Lapel Large-scale sale

Men's Corduroy Casual Slim Fit Blazer Notch Lapel 2 Button Daily


Men's Corduroy Casual Slim Fit Blazer Notch Lapel 2 Button Daily

Product description

UNINUKOO is devoted to provide high-quality products and perfect service to every valued customers.
Our mission is to offer trusted customers fashion and world-class jacket, which is a famous brand that all of you are pride of !
--3 colors for you to choose
--Great for daily casual wear and formal business negotiation both.
--Slimmer in the chest than most standard fit blazer jacket with slighter tapered design through the waist makes the look tall and straight!
Size 30: Chest 37.4",Shoulder 16.93, Sleeve 23.86", Length 25.87"
Size 32: Chest 38.98",Shoulder 17.32", Sleeve 24.33", Length 26.38"
Size 34: Chest 40.55",Shoulder 18.11", Sleeve 24.80", Length 26.89"
Size 36: Chest 42.13",Shoulder 18.50", Sleeve 25.28", Length 27.40"
Size 38: Chest 43.7",Shoulder 18.90", Sleeve 25.75, Length 27.91"
Size 40: Chest 45.28",Shoulder 19.29", Sleeve 26.22", Length 28.43"
Size 42: Chest 46.85",Shoulder 19.69", Sleeve 26.69", Length 28.94"
Size 44: Chest 48.43",Shoulder 20.47", Sleeve 27.17", Length 29.45"
Please read the warm tips before purchasing, sincerely thank you for kind understanding!
--There may be 0.5-1’’ differences on the size with manual measurements
--We try our best to take photos for our jackets and keep real color in images display, while there may still be a little differences for the light and screen.
Highly Appreciated!
Please share your pleasant shopping experience to all of your friends if you are satisfied with our jacket.
And also please let me know how we can improve better, thanks so much for your sincere suggestions!

Men's Corduroy Casual Slim Fit Blazer Notch Lapel 2 Button Daily


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