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Vertical Communications New VW-E700-24B Digital Telephone


Vertical Communications New VW-E700-24B Digital Telephone

Product description

Vertical Communications Edge 700 VW-E700-24B 24 Button Backlit Display Speaker Digital Telephone

- 3 Line by 24 Character Display
- Blue LCD Backlight
- 24 Programmable Buttons
- Half Duplex Speakerphone
- 6 Fixed Feature Keys
- 4 Way Navigation Pad
- 3 Context Sensitive Soft Keys

- Vertical MBX-IP
- Vertical Summit-IP 80
- Vertical Summit-IP 800
- Vertical Wave IP500 (Requires DS2 Station Card)
- Vertical Wave IP2500 (Requires DS2 Station Card)
- Vodavi XTS (Rls 4.0 or Higher)
- Vodavi XTS-IP (Rls 4.0 or Higher)
- Bluetooth Adapter Module (VW-E700-BT)
- Full Duplex Speakerphone Upgrade Module (VW-E700-FDX)
- Wall Mount Kit (VW-E700WM-24)

Other Information
- Requires External Power Supply (VW5-IP500EPS-180) on Wave IP500

Vertical Communications New VW-E700-24B Digital Telephone

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