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KOHLER K-97628-ABZ Choreograph Shower Anodized Cheap mail order sales 54

KOHLER K-97628-ABZ Choreograph Shower Barre, 54", Anodized Dark


KOHLER K-97628-ABZ Choreograph Shower Barre, 54", Anodized Dark

Product description

Color:Anodized Dark Bronze

The choreograph collection makes it easier than ever to create a shower space that caters to your needs, your style, and your life. Choreograph shower walls and accessories let you personalize your shower with beautiful wall designs and thoughtfully designed storage. Inspired by ballet dancers, this shower barre provides stability as you enter and exit the shower space. The sleek, stylish design offers support for mobility assistance and everyday routines such as scrubbing feet, shaving legs, or stretching.

KOHLER K-97628-ABZ Choreograph Shower Barre, 54", Anodized Dark

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