KIMISS Auto Locking Hub Automatic for Front 5 ☆ very popular FORD Ex,Locking,Locking,FORD,$37,Hub,for,Ex,KIMISS,Automatic,Hub,,/gabelleman1356890.html,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Auto,Front,Locking,Locking,FORD,$37,Hub,for,Ex,KIMISS,Automatic,Hub,,/gabelleman1356890.html,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Auto,Front $37 KIMISS Auto Locking Hub, Automatic Locking Front Hub for FORD Ex Automotive Replacement Parts KIMISS Auto Locking Hub Automatic for Front 5 ☆ very popular FORD Ex $37 KIMISS Auto Locking Hub, Automatic Locking Front Hub for FORD Ex Automotive Replacement Parts

KIMISS Auto Locking Hub Automatic Financial sales sale for Front 5 ☆ very popular FORD Ex

KIMISS Auto Locking Hub, Automatic Locking Front Hub for FORD Ex


KIMISS Auto Locking Hub, Automatic Locking Front Hub for FORD Ex

Product description


100% Brand New Aftermarket Locking Front Hub with Premium Quality. Made of high quality metal and plastic, it is durable, strong and not easy to fade. Professional manufacturing, high accuracy, reliable to use. The replacing OE number for reference: 600-203, 1C3Z3B396CB. A direct replacement for your old or broken one, perfect fit in. Easy to install, fits for FORD Excursion F250 F350 F450 F550.


Condition: 100% Brand New

Material: Metal + plastic

Color: Black + Silver

OE: 600-203, 1C3Z3B396CB

Size: As picture shown

Quantity: 1Pc

Package Weight: Approx. 1071g / 9.4in






Package Included:

1 * Locking Front Hub

KIMISS Auto Locking Hub, Automatic Locking Front Hub for FORD Ex

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