$40 Huskey 2 Club Car DS Precedent 1981 Up Gas Electric Golf Cart Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness /gabelleman1356790.html,Up,Precedent,lamarronclasista.org.ar,$40,Club,Huskey,Cart,Electric,DS,1981,2,Golf,Gas,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Car $40 Huskey 2 Club Car DS Precedent 1981 Up Gas Electric Golf Cart Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Weekly update Huskey 2 Club Car DS Precedent Up Cart Electric Gas Golf 1981 /gabelleman1356790.html,Up,Precedent,lamarronclasista.org.ar,$40,Club,Huskey,Cart,Electric,DS,1981,2,Golf,Gas,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Car Weekly update Huskey 2 Club Car DS Precedent Up Cart Electric Gas Golf 1981

Weekly update Huskey 2 Club Car DS Quality inspection Precedent Up Cart Electric Gas Golf 1981

Huskey 2 Club Car DS Precedent 1981 Up Gas Electric Golf Cart


Huskey 2 Club Car DS Precedent 1981 Up Gas Electric Golf Cart

Product description

  • Huskey Part Number 512-028
  • OEM # 1027064-01,1012183,1013164,1014236
  • The listed price is for two pieces.
  • This is a brand new OEM replacement part
  • This is an OEM replacement rear shock absorber of the highest quality and are needed if your current shocks are worn out.
  • Closed Length is 11 3/4" and Open Length is 14 1/2". Bushings are included.
  • Fits the Following Cart(s):Club Car Gas and Electric DS 1988 and Up, Precedent Gas and Electric 2004 and up.
  • these rear shocks have threaded studs on both ends come of the older DS carts have shocks with a combination Eye and threads. This listing will not work on your cart in this application.

We gladly accept returns of our products, If you changed your mind or ordered the wrong part, as long as it is unused and in the original packaging all we ask is that you cover the cost of shipping.

Huskey 2 Club Car DS Precedent 1981 Up Gas Electric Golf Cart

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