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Obermeyer Girls' Haana Jacket mart Big Kids Don't miss the campaign Little

Obermeyer Girls' Haana Jacket (Little Big Kids)


Obermeyer Girls' Haana Jacket (Little Big Kids)

Product description

A slightly shaped design creates a flattering silhouette and long vertical top stitching adds to the jacket's slender appearance. The Hana is a classic jacket which is simple yet super functional. Weatherproof performance with a 10, 000mm laminate on a polyester twill Weave combined with a 140gm insulation to maintain warmth during chilly days. An easy-access interior electronics pocket securely protects your phone and music. Technical features include a removable hood, critical seam sealing, snap-away powder skirt, interior wind guard and Goggle pocket. Fleece chin warmer, fleece inner cuffs, and fuzzy fleece-lined collar create a cozy interior.

Obermeyer Girls' Haana Jacket (Little Big Kids)

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