PLANTLOGIC 5 Pack • Drainage Collection Pots 7 Liter 1.8 gal. Branded goods 7,,Liter,/gabelleman1008190.html,Drainage,Collection,•,gal.,5,$36,Patio, Lawn Garden , Gardening Lawn Care,•,(1.8,Pack,Pots,PLANTLOGIC PLANTLOGIC 5 Pack • Drainage Collection Pots 7 Liter 1.8 gal. Branded goods 7,,Liter,/gabelleman1008190.html,Drainage,Collection,•,gal.,5,$36,Patio, Lawn Garden , Gardening Lawn Care,•,(1.8,Pack,Pots,PLANTLOGIC $36 PLANTLOGIC 5 Pack • Drainage Collection Pots • 7 Liter (1.8 gal. Patio, Lawn Garden Gardening Lawn Care $36 PLANTLOGIC 5 Pack • Drainage Collection Pots • 7 Liter (1.8 gal. Patio, Lawn Garden Gardening Lawn Care

PLANTLOGIC 5 Pack Seasonal Wrap Introduction • Drainage Collection Pots 7 Liter 1.8 gal. Branded goods

PLANTLOGIC 5 Pack • Drainage Collection Pots • 7 Liter (1.8 gal.


PLANTLOGIC 5 Pack • Drainage Collection Pots • 7 Liter (1.8 gal.

Product description

Package included:

5 Pcs 1.8-GAL Square Drainage Collection Pots

1 Pcs 9.84' Plastic Gutter


Drainage Collection Pots: 19.3cm (7.59") wide x 29.5cm (11.61") tall; Legs Height: 4.6cm (1.81")

Gutter: 40mm (1.57") width x 35mm (1.37") height /3 meters (9.84') long


Products are made of PE material, lightweight and reusable.

Gutter is pre-folded and made of PE for durability.


  • Easy maintenance with 100% drainage collection. Keeps ground free of water by collecting all drainage into a gutter, avoiding dirt buildup and algae formation.
  • Excellent drainage. Our unique base design forces water to drain from the center holes, minimizing the wet zone.
  • Airflow and oxygenation. Non-draining side holes allow oxygen uptake in center of root mass and prevents growing down.
  • Ribs on pot wall prevent root spiraling keeping roots from becoming root bound.
  • Wide legs are stable even on soft surfaces.
  • Tall legs prevent root contact with soil and pathogens.
  • Drainage collection helps control humidity in greenhouses. Save on water, fertilizer, and fungicides.

The whole product set is economical and well-equipped, ideal for hydroponic growing. The perfect choice for home growers!

PLANTLOGIC 5 Pack • Drainage Collection Pots • 7 Liter (1.8 gal.

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