Edsal UR60-BLK Heavy Duty 16-Gauge New mail order Boltless with Shelving Steel $184 Edsal UR60-BLK Heavy Duty 16-Gauge Steel Boltless Shelving with Home Kitchen Storage Organization $184 Edsal UR60-BLK Heavy Duty 16-Gauge Steel Boltless Shelving with Home Kitchen Storage Organization Edsal UR60-BLK Heavy Duty 16-Gauge New mail order Boltless with Shelving Steel Boltless,$184,lamarronclasista.org.ar,Shelving,/feudalizable1357095.html,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,16-Gauge,with,Duty,Steel,UR60-BLK,Edsal,Heavy Boltless,$184,lamarronclasista.org.ar,Shelving,/feudalizable1357095.html,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,16-Gauge,with,Duty,Steel,UR60-BLK,Edsal,Heavy

Edsal UR60-BLK Heavy Duty Recommended 16-Gauge New mail order Boltless with Shelving Steel

Edsal UR60-BLK Heavy Duty 16-Gauge Steel Boltless Shelving with


Edsal UR60-BLK Heavy Duty 16-Gauge Steel Boltless Shelving with

Product description

Size:60" Width x 72" Height x 18" Depth

The Edsal UR2460 five-shelf standing shelf unit has a 16-gauge steel rack and shelves made of particle board to support a 5000-lb. per shelf capacity. This unit has double-riveted beams that lock into double-rivet holes on the corner post for structural security. The corner post rivet holes on this unit are punched at 1-1/2" intervals for precise adjustment to desired shelf height. The steel rack has a black enamel finish to resist corrosion. This unit is open on all four sides to facilitate access to shelf contents from any angle.

The posts on this unit have a two-piece design so it can be assembled vertically to create one 72 x 60 x 18 inch (H x W x D) unit, or assembled horizontally to create one 36 x 60 x 18 inch unit with two shelves, and one 36 x 60 x 18 inch unit with three shelves. (H is height, the vertical distance from lowest to highest point; W is width, the horizontal distance from left to right; D is depth, the horizontal distance from front to back.) This shelf unit has a rivet lock design for boltless assembly. Assembly instructions are included. A rubber mallet (sold separately) is recommended for assembly.

Standing shelf units are commonly used to store items to help create organized, efficient, and safer work areas. These systems typically consist of a frame or rack with open shelves. Added components such as casters, wheels, or handles are used for applications that require mobility. Standing shelf units are used in a variety of office, industrial, educational, and residential settings.

Edsal Manufacturing Company manufactures storage systems and industrial furniture. The company, founded in 1952, is headquartered in Chicago, IL.

Edsal UR60-BLK Heavy Duty 16-Gauge Steel Boltless Shelving with

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