Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,1,230PF,Thirsty-Mate,Beckson,Pack,Pump,,,Hand,$31,/fascinatingly1326310.html Beckson 230PF Thirsty-Mate Hand 1 Pack Industry No. 1 Pump $31 Beckson 230PF Thirsty-Mate Hand Pump, 1 Pack Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $31 Beckson 230PF Thirsty-Mate Hand Pump, 1 Pack Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,1,230PF,Thirsty-Mate,Beckson,Pack,Pump,,,Hand,$31,/fascinatingly1326310.html Beckson 230PF Thirsty-Mate Hand 1 Pack Industry No. 1 Pump

Beckson 230PF Thirsty-Mate Hand Max 47% OFF 1 Pack Industry No. Pump

Beckson 230PF Thirsty-Mate Hand Pump, 1 Pack


Beckson 230PF Thirsty-Mate Hand Pump, 1 Pack

Product description

The Beckson thirsty-mate hand pump is manufactured in the U.S.A. Of the finest materials available. It is self-priming and very easy to clean. This hand pump will not rust or corrode or mar your boat. If your thirsty-mate hand pump becomes clogged, simply remove the foot valve assembly and clean out the inside. Spare parts such as foot valve assemblies and hoses are readily available. Pump length: 30". pump diameter: 1.5". gallons per minute: 10. Hose length: 32".

Beckson 230PF Thirsty-Mate Hand Pump, 1 Pack

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Health and Fitness
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