Slim,Sparkle,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Waisted,Up,,Sexy,High,/distrainor1356754.html,Lucuna,Zipper,$25,Womens,Jumpsuits $25 Lucuna Womens Jumpsuits Sexy Sparkle Zipper Up High Waisted Slim Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Lucuna Womens Jumpsuits Sexy Sparkle Waisted High Slim Zipper Up Special price Slim,Sparkle,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Waisted,Up,,Sexy,High,/distrainor1356754.html,Lucuna,Zipper,$25,Womens,Jumpsuits $25 Lucuna Womens Jumpsuits Sexy Sparkle Zipper Up High Waisted Slim Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Lucuna Womens Jumpsuits Sexy Sparkle Waisted High Slim Zipper Up Special price

Lucuna New Free Shipping Womens Jumpsuits Sexy Sparkle Waisted High Slim Zipper Up Special price

Lucuna Womens Jumpsuits Sexy Sparkle Zipper Up High Waisted Slim


Lucuna Womens Jumpsuits Sexy Sparkle Zipper Up High Waisted Slim

Product description

" Lucuna " will strive to make every customer have a relaxed and pleasant shopping experience.

①. Products Quality: All items we sell are made with good fabric and in new condition and finished under rigid inspection.

②. Shipment: Items Fulfilled by Amazon takes 3-5 days and if items fulfilled by seller will usually takes 7-25 days to delivered.

③. Before Sale: If you have any questions or need our help, you can email us at any time. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

④. After Sale: If and problems in your order or products, feel free to contact us first, we will do our best to deal with them.

⑤. Color: Colors may appear slightly different via website due to computer picture resolution and monitor settings.

  Dear friends, please check this size chart before you buy it. Please allow 2-3% measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

  S:--Bust: 34.65"--Waist: 28.35"--Hip: 34.65"--Sleeve: 22.05"--Jumpsuit Length: 57.09"

M:--Bust: 36.22"--Waist: 29.92"--Hip: 36.22"--Sleeve: 22.44"--Jumpsuit Length: 57.48"

L:--Bust: 37.80"--Waist: 31.50"--Hip: 37.80"--Sleeve: 22.83"--Jumpsuit Length: 57.87"

XL:--Bust: 39.37"--Waist: 33.07"--Hip: 39.37"--Sleeve: 23.23"--Jumpsuit Length: 58.27"

XXL:--Bust: 43.31"--Waist: 35.43"--Hip: 45.28"--Sleeve: 24.80"--Jumpsuit Length: 58.66"

XXXL:--Bust: 47.24"--Waist: 39.37"--Hip: 49.21"--Sleeve: 25.20"--Jumpsuit Length: 59.06"

  Product information:

Womens Jumpsuits Sexy Sparkle Zipper Up High Waisted Slim Fit Sequins Party Romper Jumpsuit

Material: Polyester

Season: Autumn, winter, spring

Pattern Type: Glitter sequins, metallic shiny
Style: Club, party, evening

Lucuna Womens Jumpsuits Sexy Sparkle Zipper Up High Waisted Slim

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