$62 HME Products T-Post Trail Camera Holders, 10-Pack: Mounts Any Ga Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $62 HME Products T-Post Trail Camera Holders, 10-Pack: Mounts Any Ga Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness HME,/bediademed1326357.html,Ga,Camera,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,10-Pack:,Mounts,$62,Products,Holders,,T-Post,lamarronclasista.org.ar,Trail,Any HME Products New product!! T-Post Trail Camera Mounts Holders Ga Any 10-Pack: HME Products New product!! T-Post Trail Camera Mounts Holders Ga Any 10-Pack: HME,/bediademed1326357.html,Ga,Camera,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,10-Pack:,Mounts,$62,Products,Holders,,T-Post,lamarronclasista.org.ar,Trail,Any

HME Products New product T-Post Very popular! Trail Camera Mounts Holders Ga Any 10-Pack:

HME Products T-Post Trail Camera Holders, 10-Pack: Mounts Any Ga


HME Products T-Post Trail Camera Holders, 10-Pack: Mounts Any Ga

Product description

The HME T-Post Trail Camera Holder will universally attach to most T-Post style fence posts that are commonly used by farmers across the country. The Camera Holder features a 1/4″ by 20mm thread to accommodate any trail camera on the market. The Holder provides vertical and horizontal adjustment for perfect camera placement. Lock the washer to secure your camera in place.

The T-Post Trail Camera Holder quickly attaches to any side of the T-Post by simply unscrewing the threaded knob far enough that the holder will slide over and around the post. Continue by screwing the knob to tighten the knob threads against the T-Post until the holder is securely mounted. Once the Trail Camera Holder is securely fastened to the T-Post you can now attach your trail camera to the threaded end of the adjustable camera holder. Once the camera is installed you can now rotate your camera into the desired position and tighten the wing nuts to hold that position.

Bundle Includes:

  • HME T-Post Trail Camera Holder (10-Pack)
  • Focus USB 2.0 Card Reader

HME Products T-Post Trail Camera Holders, 10-Pack: Mounts Any Ga

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