AFWFilters AIP15 Air Injection Clearance SALE! Limited time! Hydroge Manganese Platinum Iron $888 AFWFilters AIP15 Air Injection Platinum Iron, Manganese, Hydroge Tools Home Improvement Kitchen Bath Fixtures AFWFilters AIP15 Air Injection Clearance SALE! Limited time! Hydroge Manganese Platinum Iron $888,Hydroge,Manganese,,,Tools Home Improvement , Kitchen Bath Fixtures,Injection,Air,AIP15,/apologize766333.html,Platinum,Iron,,AFWFilters $888 AFWFilters AIP15 Air Injection Platinum Iron, Manganese, Hydroge Tools Home Improvement Kitchen Bath Fixtures $888,Hydroge,Manganese,,,Tools Home Improvement , Kitchen Bath Fixtures,Injection,Air,AIP15,/apologize766333.html,Platinum,Iron,,AFWFilters

AFWFilters AIP15 Air Injection Clearance SALE Limited time Hydroge Manganese Selling rankings Platinum Iron

AFWFilters AIP15 Air Injection Platinum Iron, Manganese, Hydroge


AFWFilters AIP15 Air Injection Platinum Iron, Manganese, Hydroge

Product description

Size:1" FNPT Stainless Steel

Air injection system combined with high grade manganese dioxide (commonly called Mang-Ox or Filox) provides the highest removal capacity for iron without chemicals. Advanced single tank pump-free design lowers cost, reduces maintenance, and provides a smaller footprint than standard systems that use air pumps or separate tanks. Designed and backed by AFWFilters - a long standing member of the Water Quality Association, Certified Water Specialist on staff, and over 35 years of combined experience to help ensure the best solution for YOUR water.

AFWFilters AIP15 Air Injection Platinum Iron, Manganese, Hydroge

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