180° Panoramic View Max 44% OFF Snorkel Mask Full Dive and Swim Scuba Face $30 180° Panoramic View Snorkel Mask Full Face Scuba, Dive and Swim Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation lamarronclasista.org.ar,/apologize1356533.html,Dive,180°,Mask,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,$30,Panoramic,Snorkel,View,Swim,Scuba,,Face,and,Full lamarronclasista.org.ar,/apologize1356533.html,Dive,180°,Mask,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,$30,Panoramic,Snorkel,View,Swim,Scuba,,Face,and,Full 180° Panoramic View Max 44% OFF Snorkel Mask Full Dive and Swim Scuba Face $30 180° Panoramic View Snorkel Mask Full Face Scuba, Dive and Swim Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation

180° Panoramic View Max 44% OFF Snorkel Mask Full Max 75% OFF Dive and Swim Scuba Face

180° Panoramic View Snorkel Mask Full Face Scuba, Dive and Swim


180° Panoramic View Snorkel Mask Full Face Scuba, Dive and Swim

Product description

KNIT BONBONS have designed our Snorkel Mask to make full use of Anti-fog and Anti-leak Technology to provide you with a snorkeling mask that makes exploring the underwater scenery simpler, easier and more convenient than ever before! KNIT BONBONS are available in 3 stylish colors Gray amp; Ocean, Army Green amp; Lime and Sky amp; Peach so that you can choose the one that best matches your look.

This snorkeling mask ensures that your visibility stays crystal clear and while eliminating any chance of your mask fogging up making sure you always have a clear full panoramic view of your surroundings. Thanks to the silicone seal and a buckle strap you never have to worry about water getting in so that you can explore to your heart’s content. It covers your entire face, helping you breathe naturally through your nose and mouth so that you can comfortably view your surroundings when under water!

This stylish snorkeling mask is panoramic and adjustable to provide you a perfect fit without causing any skin irritation or hair pulling. KNIT BONBONS Snorkel mask offers full 180 Degree view allowing you to comfortably view your surroundings from side to side with ease.

This snorkel mask is CE Certified which means you can use it without having to worry about the quality and your safety.

What’s in the package:
1x Knit BonBons Outdoor Snorkel mask
1x Accessory Pack
1x Waterproof Carry Bag
1x User Guide

180° Panoramic View Snorkel Mask Full Face Scuba, Dive and Swim

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