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Snyper Commander Cellular 4G LTE 5 popular Trail 1080P 12MP Large discharge sale Camera Wirel

Snyper Commander Cellular 4G LTE Trail Camera 1080P / 12MP Wirel


Snyper Commander Cellular 4G LTE Trail Camera 1080P / 12MP Wirel

Product Description

Syper App
Snyper Deer Collage
Snyper cam Snyper cam Snyper cam Snyper cam
LRS 4GLTE Commander 4GLTE ATamp;T Commander 4GLTE Sim Hero - Multi-Network Sapper 14 MP
Transmits Videos
Transmits Photos
Color View Screen 2" 2" 2" 2.4"
Sim Card Included
GPS Camera location Tracking
LEDs 56 Invisible IR's 56 Invisible IR's 56 Invisible IR's 36 Invisible IR's

See SIM HERO Option Below


Snyper Commander Cellular 4G LTE Trail Camera 1080P / 12MP Wirel

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