VEELU Personalized Throw Max 48% OFF Blanket Super Cus Adult Soft Baby for $42 VEELU Personalized Throw Blanket Super Soft for Baby Adult Cus Home Kitchen Bedding Cus,Adult,for,$42,Personalized,Baby,Throw,VEELU,/apologize1252933.html,Blanket,Soft,,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Super VEELU Personalized Throw Max 48% OFF Blanket Super Cus Adult Soft Baby for Cus,Adult,for,$42,Personalized,Baby,Throw,VEELU,/apologize1252933.html,Blanket,Soft,,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Super $42 VEELU Personalized Throw Blanket Super Soft for Baby Adult Cus Home Kitchen Bedding

VEELU Personalized Throw Max 48% OFF Blanket Super Cus Max 52% OFF Adult Soft Baby for

VEELU Personalized Throw Blanket Super Soft for Baby Adult Cus


VEELU Personalized Throw Blanket Super Soft for Baby Adult Cus

Product Description

Personalize your home with blankets

- With personalized photo collage blankets, your favorite photos will shine in every room of your home! Decorate your bedroom and living room with these photo blankets will make your place warm and sweet.

- Plus, whether you’re chilling on the sofa for a movie night or just going to sleep, you want to stay nice and warm. Get comfortable with our custom photo blankets.

- The soft 100% polyester fleece keeps you warm and cozy, And lastly, A perfect gift for your family, friends, sweetheart to keep your best memory...



  • High quality, durable and in 5 generous sizes: Lapghan 40" x 50", Throw 50" x 60", Queen 60" x 80", Stroller/Baby 30" x 40", Twin 55" x 80"
  • 10 color choices for backing
  • Print your face, collages or text
  • Made of Ultra-soft material for maximum cuddling comfort
  • Easy to clean. Care Instructions: Machine wash, tumble dry.
  • Lightweight, durable and could be folded away compactly.
  • Super soft and excellent hand feeling.

Awesome gift for Father's Day, birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas gift and any occasion, or just without any special reason, to show some love to your loved one! He will know you put in the extra effort to find something better than a regular gift!

Unique present idea for your best friend, mother, father, wife, husband, daughter, son, grandmother, grandfather, fiance, sister, brother, aunt, boyfriend, girlfriend, boys, girls, him, her, dad, mom, guys, BFFs, co-worker, or even for yourself.

PLEASE NOTE: Soft fabric may have 2" error

VEELU Personalized Throw Blanket Super Soft for Baby Adult Cus

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