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YIMERAIRE Custom Photo Necklace for Indianapolis Mall Picture Dog Max 56% OFF Tags Men Persona

YIMERAIRE Custom Photo Necklace for Men Picture Dog Tags Persona


YIMERAIRE Custom Photo Necklace for Men Picture Dog Tags Persona

Product description

Hip Hop square Pendant Custom Made Picture Necklace Iced Out For Men Women
After Sales: We provide highly quality service for our custom, if you have any question, please contact us,we will be reply and solve it in 24 hours.
How to take care of your jewelry?
1. Avoid your jewelry touch Acid Alkali,other Corrosive Chemicals and sharp things, eg: Cosmetics, perfume and so on.
2. Do not wear jewelry during exercise, bathing and swimming,keep your jewelry in box.
3.Avoid bumping or rubbing with hard objects to avoid scratching the surface.
4.Wear it carefully, don't tear it hard to avoid damage about necklace.

The personalized necklace with picture specification:
Packing including:
Picture pendant *1
Necklace with picture custom *1
Small necklace box *1
Chain necklace style: Rope chain, Tennis chain and Cuban chain.
Hip hop picture necklace color: Silver, Gold and Rose Gold.
Customized necklace size: 18/20/24/30 inch.
hip hop chain with pendant chain style: Tennis chain/cuban chain/twist chain.
Occasion:Boy Friend Birthday Party Valentine's Mother's Father's Day Gift Wedding Birthday and so on.

YIMERAIRE Custom Photo Necklace for Men Picture Dog Tags Persona

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