$24 Giordana Strada Gel Glove - Women's Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation $24 Giordana Strada Gel Glove - Women's Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Giordana Strada Gel It is very popular Women's - Glove Women's,$24,Strada,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,/Lokman1356971.html,Giordana,Gel,Glove,lamarronclasista.org.ar,- Women's,$24,Strada,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,/Lokman1356971.html,Giordana,Gel,Glove,lamarronclasista.org.ar,- Giordana Strada Gel It is very popular Women's - Glove

Giordana Strada Gel It Minneapolis Mall is very popular Women's - Glove

Giordana Strada Gel Glove - Women's


Giordana Strada Gel Glove - Women's

Product description

When a glove is too big, cut for man-hands, slides and shifts while we ride. After two hours, it has settled and started to cut uncomfortably into the webs between our fingers. The Giordana Strada Gel Women's Gloves have been cut to the slimmer shape of a lady's hands, while still offering all the heft that we need to stay protected during hours in the saddle. The Amara suede palm has been augmented by gel inserts. Choosing intelligent padding over excessive padding, Giordana makes it possible for you to be able to wear these gloves in comfort whether you are taking a cool-down ride with your kids or are out training for your next century. You'll notice a significant reduction in road vibration, which will reduce your level of fatigue, particularly over longer distances. The soft grippers on the palm increase control and grip in all situations. The backs of the gloves are made from a supple, four-way stretch nylon and spandex. You won't feel any unwanted pressure around your knuckles from an ill-fitting glove, nor will you have to worry about the glove being too large and unformed to your hands. The wrist has a lot of flex to it, aided by the neoprene wrist band and the hook-and-loop closure. The soft terry cloth thumb section makes wiping a comfortable affair.. The Giordana Strada Gel Women's Gloves are available in Black and Pink. They come in sizes Small through X-Large.

Giordana Strada Gel Glove - Women's

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Steel Gel rear F4i description - Product

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