$49 7x6 5x7 Inch LED Headlights Dot Approved H4 Rectangular Projecto Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories 7x6 5x7 Inch LED Headlights Dot Approved Projecto H4 Rectangular Direct store $49 7x6 5x7 Inch LED Headlights Dot Approved H4 Rectangular Projecto Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories 7x6 5x7 Inch LED Headlights Dot Approved Projecto H4 Rectangular Direct store $49,Rectangular,Inch,Headlights,Dot,H4,lamarronclasista.org.ar,Projecto,7x6,Approved,/Lokman1326671.html,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,5x7,LED $49,Rectangular,Inch,Headlights,Dot,H4,lamarronclasista.org.ar,Projecto,7x6,Approved,/Lokman1326671.html,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,5x7,LED

7x6 5x7 Inch LED Headlights Dot New color Approved Projecto H4 Rectangular Direct store

7x6 5x7 Inch LED Headlights Dot Approved H4 Rectangular Projecto


7x6 5x7 Inch LED Headlights Dot Approved H4 Rectangular Projecto

Product Description

LEDMIRCY Headlights — 7x6 LED headlights sealed beam type rectangle.


100% original High-Performance CREE LED Chips technology.

Made of Die-cast black durable aluminum housing with PMMA lens.Durable aluminum shell body and Integral heat sink quick cooling performance,

easy to install-Plug and Play. Shockproof, Shatterproof, Rustproof, Dust proof, Waterproof IP68. Super bright 110W 5x7 LED headlight offer reliable lighting and visibility, let you see the road and trails ahead clearly in whatever conditions,

7X6 LED Headlights 4 Modes all in one design :


Notes: When DRL stay on, the Amber background light will always be bright no matter what function you switch to.

4 lighting modes : White DRL amp; Crystal Amber Arrow Flowing Type Turn Signal Light amp; High Beam amp; Low Beam,

Daytime Running Light amp; Turn Signal Light: Newest Crystal type Amber background light design with White light as DRL; Sequential dynamic arrow turn signal lights, clearer Indicative, more exceptional attractive. Low Beam: Clearer Cut Off Line and Even Light, but not blind others' eyes; High Beam: Upgrade high beam form an elliptical beam pattern in front, which is adding nearly double the illumination distance in front.

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5x7 7x6 led headlights 5x7 7x6 led headlights 4x6 led headlights 4x6 led headlights lec rock lights white-8pcs lec rock lights white-12pcs

7x6 5x7 Inch LED Headlights Dot Approved H4 Rectangular Projecto

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