Phone,JKV-558,$28,Landline,Button,Large,,/Heracleum1356515.html,f,JeKaVis,Seniors,,Office Products , Office Electronics,Phone,for $28 Large Button Phone for Seniors, JeKaVis JKV-558 Landline Phone f Office Products Office Electronics Large Button Phone for Seniors Landline f Max 71% OFF JeKaVis JKV-558 Large Button Phone for Seniors Landline f Max 71% OFF JeKaVis JKV-558 $28 Large Button Phone for Seniors, JeKaVis JKV-558 Landline Phone f Office Products Office Electronics Phone,JKV-558,$28,Landline,Button,Large,,/Heracleum1356515.html,f,JeKaVis,Seniors,,Office Products , Office Electronics,Phone,for

Large Button Phone for Limited time trial price Seniors Landline f Max 71% OFF JeKaVis JKV-558

Large Button Phone for Seniors, JeKaVis JKV-558 Landline Phone f


Large Button Phone for Seniors, JeKaVis JKV-558 Landline Phone f

Product Description

This big button and amplified volume landline phone is designed for the people with hearing and vision impairment.

Humanized and user-friendly design makes your life more convenient.

amplified volume landline phone

Key Features

  • Big button
  • Amplified volume
  • Speed dial
  • Hold on music function
  • Wall mountable/Desktop
  • Last number redial
  • Flash Function
  • Tone/Pulse Dial Mode
  • In Use Indicator and Incoming Call Indicator

Large Button Phone for Seniors, JeKaVis JKV-558 Landline Phone f


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