RBT19-LT3,(Right),Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,$32,lamarronclasista.org.ar,III,Paddle,w/Lighthouse,Fobus,/Heracleum1326015.html Fobus RBT19-LT3 Paddle w Max 71% OFF III Lighthouse Right Fobus RBT19-LT3 Paddle w Max 71% OFF III Lighthouse Right $32 Fobus RBT19-LT3 Paddle w/Lighthouse III (Right) Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $32 Fobus RBT19-LT3 Paddle w/Lighthouse III (Right) Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness RBT19-LT3,(Right),Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,$32,lamarronclasista.org.ar,III,Paddle,w/Lighthouse,Fobus,/Heracleum1326015.html

Fobus RBT19-LT3 Paddle w Max 71% OFF III San Diego Mall Lighthouse Right

Fobus RBT19-LT3 Paddle w/Lighthouse III (Right)


Fobus RBT19-LT3 Paddle w/Lighthouse III (Right)

Product description

The Tactical Series is an active retention holster. To un-holster your firearm, unfasten the safety strap and rock the firearm back approximately one half on an inch followed by a deliberate upward motion. When re-holstering your firearm, insert the barrel first into the muzzle stud, snap the firearm into the holster and refasten the safety strap. Allows for carrying handguns with a light / laser mounted on the under-barrel rail. Open holster body design allows any light / laser system. Lightweight, reinforced polymer construction with polymer retaining strap. Unique hinge design allows for straight, upward draw. DO NOT USE the RBT Tactical Series holster without a tactical accessory attached to the firearm as it is designed to work only with the rail accessory attached. This product has the following fits: Canik TP9 ELITE SC (light or laser required) Canik TP9SE (light or laser required) Canik TP9SA (light or laser required) Glock 19 (light or laser required) Glock 23 (light or laser required) Glock 32 (light or laser required) Glock 45 (light or laser required) Taurus G3 9mm (light or laser required) Below are some examples of lights and lasers that fit the Lighthouse III Inforce APLC Viridian C5L Viridian E-Series Lasermax Spartan Lasemax UNI Crimson Trace Lightguard Crimson Trace Rail Master Surefire XC1 Streamlight TLR-1 amp; TLR-2 Surefire X300 amp; X200 Varidian X5L Insight M3X Aimkon P10S

Fobus RBT19-LT3 Paddle w/Lighthouse III (Right)


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