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shipfree Ruthy's Textile Red Blackout Curtains 55

Ruthy's Textile Red Blackout Curtains 55" X 90" Inch Long for Be


Ruthy's Textile Red Blackout Curtains 55" X 90" Inch Long for Be

Product description


Experience the combination of comfort and sleek, modern design these window curtain panels provide your home. Featuring full room darkening opaque coverage for privacy and comfort. Textured fabric for an elegant look. Textured Blackout Curtain is a smart and fashionable addition to any room. With Blackout technology, these curtains will filter out most unwanted light and reduce outside noise to continue uninterrupted sleep. blackout curtains energy efficient design keeps hot and cold air out. Made with metal grommets to fit lovely on most standard or decorative rods 1.5" in diameter for easy hanging. Each panel measures 55in. W 96 in. L. Colors available in white, taupe, red, charcoal, blue, or seafoam to complement your home décor. Panels sold as pairs for ideal coverage and desired effect. 100% polyester.

Ruthy's Textile Red Blackout Curtains 55" X 90" Inch Long for Be


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