Gasoline,195500-4370,03-06,GzYcsFocusqp,/Heracleum1007915.html,$35,Pcs,injector,,for,6,Automotive , Replacement Parts,8786 $35 GzYcsFocusqp 6 Pcs Gasoline injector 195500-4370 8786 for 03-06 Automotive Replacement Parts Gasoline,195500-4370,03-06,GzYcsFocusqp,/Heracleum1007915.html,$35,Pcs,injector,,for,6,Automotive , Replacement Parts,8786 All stores are sold GzYcsFocusqp 6 Pcs Gasoline injector for 03-06 8786 195500-4370 All stores are sold GzYcsFocusqp 6 Pcs Gasoline injector for 03-06 8786 195500-4370 $35 GzYcsFocusqp 6 Pcs Gasoline injector 195500-4370 8786 for 03-06 Automotive Replacement Parts

All stores are sold GzYcsFocusqp 6 Pcs Gasoline injector for 03-06 8786 SALENEW very popular! 195500-4370

GzYcsFocusqp 6 Pcs Gasoline injector 195500-4370 8786 for 03-06


GzYcsFocusqp 6 Pcs Gasoline injector 195500-4370 8786 for 03-06

Product description

▶Warranty: We offer 1 years warranty. Please feel free to contact us for any questions, we give quick response.
▶Application: Direct fit for 03-06 Mitsubishi Montero Pajero 3.8L V6
▶Pin Counts:2-pin and 12 Holes
▶Packing:6 x Fuel Injector
▶Testing: All units are 100% factory tested before packaging

GzYcsFocusqp 6 Pcs Gasoline injector 195500-4370 8786 for 03-06


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