Suuonee Air Pressure Gauge 2inch Car LED Meter Max 43% OFF PSI $37 Suuonee Air Pressure Gauge, 2inch Car PSI Air Pressure Meter LED Automotive Replacement Parts Pressure,Suuonee,Pressure,Gauge,,Meter,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Car,,PSI,LED,Air,2inch,Air,$37,/Chamaesaura766749.html Pressure,Suuonee,Pressure,Gauge,,Meter,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Car,,PSI,LED,Air,2inch,Air,$37,/Chamaesaura766749.html Suuonee Air Pressure Gauge 2inch Car LED Meter Max 43% OFF PSI $37 Suuonee Air Pressure Gauge, 2inch Car PSI Air Pressure Meter LED Automotive Replacement Parts

Suuonee Air Pressure Bargain sale Gauge 2inch Car LED Meter Max 43% OFF PSI

Suuonee Air Pressure Gauge, 2inch Car PSI Air Pressure Meter LED


Suuonee Air Pressure Gauge, 2inch Car PSI Air Pressure Meter LED

Product description

Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Air Pressure Gauge
Housing Material: Steel
Color: Black
Size: Approx. 52mm / 2in
Background Light Color: Blue Font
Voltage: 12V
Weight: 417 g / 14.7 oz(approx.)
Applicable Models: All vehicles suitable for 12V battery voltage
Product Use: Used to measure car pressure values

Package List:
1 x Air Pressure Gauge
3 x Mounting Kit

Suuonee Air Pressure Gauge, 2inch Car PSI Air Pressure Meter LED

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