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Sugar Wax Medium Grade Universal Back for gift Shoulders Arms Legs Max 45% OFF

Sugar Wax Medium Grade Universal for Legs, Arms, Back, Shoulders


Sugar Wax Medium Grade Universal for Legs, Arms, Back, Shoulders

Product description

Test Sugar Paste on small area of your skin, hand or leg. It is absolutely normal for skin to be red after sugaring. Please read following Sugaring hair removal technique to make your sugaring session easy and pleasant. Try to exfoliate 1-2 days before planned sugaring session – this will help a lot.

Step 1
1) Put the sugar paste in the microwave with the lid/cover on.

Step 2
Microwave for 15-25 seconds if you have a 35oz Jar and 7-10 seconds if you have 8oz Jar, until the paste is just slightly warmer than room temperature (30-32°C/86-90°F).

Step 3
Check if the sugar paste became pliable.
Tip: Try NOT to make the sugar paste too soft because it is more difficult to work with softer paste.

Step 4
Take the sugar paste from the jar using only the tips of your four fingers.

Step 5
Slowly stretch the paste out over your skin by pulling it AGAINST the direction of hair growth.

How to do Sugaring

Step 6
QUICKLY pull the sugar off in a flicking motion, WITH the direction of hair growth along your skin.
Tip: Don’t pull up/out — pull along. You want to slide out the hairs in their natural direction of growth. Hold your skin REALLY tight with your other hand before you pull. This will make the process less painful lessening the chance of skin irritation.
Normally, the paste flicks right off, but if you use it too long, it can get “gooey” or “melty” and just stick to your skin. Once the paste gets to this point, you can’t use it any more. To get it off take a new piece of sugar out of the jar and stretch it over that melty strip. Flick that off in the normal way, then throw it away and continue with a completely new ball of sugar.

* Packaging might be slightly different from what is shown on the picture due to Covid19 related shortage of plastic jars. Same volume of the product is guaranteed.

Sugar Wax Medium Grade Universal for Legs, Arms, Back, Shoulders

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