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Product description

630ZT Features: -Two outside pockets with hook and loop flaps. -Full-length document pocket to provide additional storage capacity. -Includes a hook and loop strap "buttset" holder along with 20 sewn tool pockets and one pouch. -Outside has 2 pockets with hook and loop flaps and a full-length document pocket to provide additional storage capacity. -Color: Black. Product Type: -Tool bag. Finish: -Black. Interior Material: -Fabric. Exterior Material: -Nylon. Pockets Included: -Yes. Handle Included: -Yes. Country of Manufacture: -United States. Number of Pockets: -24. Handle Type: -Tote. Dimensions: Overall Height - Top to Bottom: -10.5". Overall Width - Side to Side: -14.25". Overall Depth - Front to Back: -3.25". Overall Product Weight: -3 lbs.


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