$23 New Balance Women's FuelCore Nergize Sport V1 Sneaker Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women New Limited Special Price Balance Women's FuelCore Sneaker V1 Sport Nergize $23 New Balance Women's FuelCore Nergize Sport V1 Sneaker Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $23,V1,lamarronclasista.org.ar,/Beltis1326389.html,Balance,Sneaker,Women's,Sport,New,FuelCore,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Nergize $23,V1,lamarronclasista.org.ar,/Beltis1326389.html,Balance,Sneaker,Women's,Sport,New,FuelCore,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Nergize New Limited Special Price Balance Women's FuelCore Sneaker V1 Sport Nergize

New Limited Special Outstanding Price Balance Women's FuelCore Sneaker V1 Sport Nergize

New Balance Women's FuelCore Nergize Sport V1 Sneaker


New Balance Women's FuelCore Nergize Sport V1 Sneaker

Product description

Get moving in comfort and style with the NB Nergize Sport lifestyle shoe. This everyday running shoe from New Balance is designed to look as good as it feels, with a sporty and feminine silhouette that easily pairs with your favorite fitness wear. Constructed with REVlite midsole technology for incredibly lightweight cushioning, the NB Nergize Sport delivers soft support underfoot. NB Memory Sole Comfort Inserts offer even more cushioning, for a plush feel with every step. These comfortable shoes have an athletic low-profile upper made from lightweight synthetic and breathable mesh materials to help keep feet cool as your workouts heat up. Wherever your active lifestyle takes you, these modern sneakers are ready to go, thanks to a sleek slip-on bootie construction that allows for on-the-go wear that won’t slow you down. A durable rubber outsole provides reliable traction and support on a range of surfaces. This New Balance lifestyle running shoe features a performance fit, so we recommend ordering a half size larger than your typical NB size to maximize comfort.

From the manufacturer

New Balance Women's FuelCore Nergize Sport V1 Sneaker

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What you'll find on Style Yourself Confident...

So come in, make friends and STYLE YOURSELF CONFIDENT!

Women love to share... ideas, aspirations, even our worries. We encourage and support each other but we don't all have a friend next door to confide in or a workshop round the corner.

I've been running Style Workshops for over 20 years and love to share my knowledge and experience. Over the years I've learned so many things from you too - the tips and the techniques that work for real women - the little things that help all of us to feel good about ourselves.  

Whether you want to explore and enjoy COLOR, cope with the odd figure challenge, or just develop more confidence in your own taste - you'll find it here. In fact whatever feels right for your kind of Style Makeover because every woman deserves the look good/feel good factor that comes with Style Confidence!


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