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Popular popular Union Butterfield 1800 Screw Steel Finally popular brand Carbon Extractor Uncoated

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Union Butterfield 1800 Screw Extractor, Carbon Steel, Uncoated (

Size:3" - 3-1/2"

Union Butterfield 1800 Screw Extractor, Carbon Steel, Uncoated (

Like to get the look good/feel good factor?
Need a Style Makeover but don't know where to begin?
Looking for what is 'probably' the best Color Analysis around?

Then you're in the right place!

You can't change your natural coloring or your bone structure - nature decided that at the moment of your conception - but you can easily discover the COLORS SHAPES and STYLES that allow you to look your best whatever your age, shape or size.

Hi, I'm Pamela Graham, retired teacher and Image Consultant (hate that title), and I'd love to help you explore your own kind of Style Makeover. It's easy, you'll have lots of fun along the way and I'm here if you need some help.

No-one knows how you want to look and feel - only YOU! So have confidence in yourself to take what works for YOU and reject what doesn't. 

So... are you ready to Style Yourself Confident?

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on the

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Women love to share... ideas, aspirations, even our worries. We encourage and support each other but we don't all have a friend next door to confide in or a workshop round the corner.

I've been running Style Workshops for over 20 years and love to share my knowledge and experience. Over the years I've learned so many things from you too - the tips and the techniques that work for real women - the little things that help all of us to feel good about ourselves.  

Whether you want to explore and enjoy COLOR, cope with the odd figure challenge, or just develop more confidence in your own taste - you'll find it here. In fact whatever feels right for your kind of Style Makeover because every woman deserves the look good/feel good factor that comes with Style Confidence!


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